Executive Team

President - Nathan Hicks (2024)
Presides at all meetings of the Club; is an ex-officio member of all committees and performs such duties as rightly pertain to this office.

Vice President - Megan Hicks (2024)
Assists the President in the President’s absence; performs the duties of the President with all the rights and privileges pertaining to that office. Assists with Club events and manages volunteers.

Treasurer - Chanir Duque  (2026)
Custodian of the funds of the Club; conducts the Club’s financial business; keeps records of all such transactions; prepares an annual financial report for the approval of the membership at the regular fall meeting and ensures the integrity of all State obligations and filings.

Secretary - Andrea Izzo (2026)
Prepares and maintains records of all meetings of the Club, submits such records for the approval of the members and assists the President.

Membership - Tiffany Karnig (2024)
Responsible for the recruitment of new members, the contact person for incoming Cadet Candidate parents and is the custodian of all membership databases.

Events Coordinator - Kelly Huarte (2024)
Responsible for planning and overseeing all Club events

Outreach/Social Media - Mariela Pattinson Collects and distributes Club news, accomplishments and events through the use of Club's social media groups/pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, etc... Maintains the Club website. Takes photos at Club events.

2023 Class Representative - Michelle Drysdale

2024 Class Representative - Christine Hoyes 

2025 Class Representative - Adelaine Sin

2026 Class Representative - Kori DeLeon

Fundraising Coordinator- TBD