Club Events

Final Countdown 2022

Typically held in late Winter or early Spring, Firstie and Cow parents get together to discuss graduation plans and expectations.  The club gift of a flag flown over the capitol, which is required for new officers' commissioning ceremonies directly after graduation, is given to the Firstie parents.  Emphasis is on details of attending graduation, what to expect, sharing experiences of past graduations and how best to plan in advance for the graduation week activities.                                 

Firstie Parents

Firstie and Cow Parents

Spring Fling 2022

Thank you to Matter of Craft for hosting our Spring Fling this year.  It was so nice to meet new Cadet parents and catch up with familiar faces.

Half-Way Thru Beast Ice Cream Social

Our annual club picnic occurs around the half-way point thru the Cadet Basic Training, in July. Hosted by a club member it is a great day for all of us to come together to support and get to know our New Cadet parent members. Members may share letters they have received from their child while seasoned club members and current Cadets share insights as to what the New Cadets may be experiencing during the 6 weeks of CBT. We also talk about what is ahead on A-Day and the upcoming academic year.

Boodle Box Party

Boodle is American military slang for contraband sweets such as cake, candy and ice cream.  Our members gather once a year, usually during the "West Point Gray Period", February, to stuff goodie boxes for our OC Cadets. All items are donated by members and parents pack the boxes and then deliver them to West Point for Cadet pick-up. Our members enjoy the day together, catching up with friends, sharing stories and eating lunch.

Hail & Farewell

The Club welcomes in the incoming Class of Cadet Candidates to USMA and says goodbye to the Graduating class of Firsties.  We enjoy a slideshow of photos of our Firstie's 48-month West Point Experience. The club presents each graduating OC Firstie who attends a name plaque and gift as we bid them farewell and wish them luck in the the Big Army as an Old Grad.  Firsties share wisdom and give advice to the new incoming class.  This event happens in June.

Family BBQ

Beach BBQ/Picnic for all Club members to attend.  Fun games are usually played.  Usually takes place in September or October

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